Hair transplantation techniques are divided into two, with the fue technique and the fut technique. Hair transplantation is a procedure that takes hair follicles taken from the site that is resistant to hair loss and transfers them to the place where hair loss has occurred at the upper part of the head.
Hair transplantation techniques show procedure differences according to the shape of the hair, the situation of the scalp and the width of the bald site. Fue technique is the most suitable technique for those who have their hairs cut short, those who had the traditional strip operation, whose skin does not have sufficient elasticity for strip excision, who do not want to experience the complications of a strip operation, those who want transplants to sites such as the scalp, lashes, moustaches .Fut technique is applied to the other persons who want a hair transplant. The individual is informed by the specialists at the hair transplantation center about which technique should be applied. You may also obtain information on the hair transplantation prices in those centers. Learn which of the hair transplant techniques is suitable for your scalp.
Hair transplantation techniques may also vary according to the size of the site where the hair shall be transplanted. Those who want a hair transplant may go to the nearest hair transplantation center and receive information on the subject.


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