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Saç Ekimi

What is Hair Transplant?

The only solution for people who have experienced intense hair loss and would like to regain their appearances before is hair transplant. If the hair transplant is performed by an expert team in a proper way, the result would be very successful. Hair transplant can be called as transfer of hair follicles. Hair transplant is the procedure of transplanting the hair follicles taken from the areas where the hair is dense (neck and side parts) to the less sparse areas. As hair transplant paves the way for natural and healthy results for the hair, it is an intensely preferred permanent method. Today, highly developed hair transplant techniques offer an exact solution to the problems of people who have had hair loss.

How Long Has Hair Transplant Been Performed?

Throughout the history, while many civilizations have attributed positive features such as strength and beauty to human hair, alopecia has always evoked a negative symbolism. We see that cutting hair was a legal punishment in the ancient Roman Empire. In early days of Christianity, priests' hair used to be cut to make them less attractive in terms of sexuality.  It is seen that hair has been given a great importance in terms of social status and power throughout the history.

The first hair transplant operation in the world was performed in the 1940s by Japanese dermatologist Dr. Okuda. In the 1970s, Dr. Orentreich,  American dermatologist announced the rules of hair transplant, and in 1998, Dr. Benstain,  American Dermatologist published a scientific article explaining the basics that completely natural hair transplant can be performed with follicular unit transfer. Since 2002, a new hair transplant technique called FUE, during which the hair is taken one by one, has been defined, and in 2005, it was clarified who is suitable for this technique, and its limits.

Hair transplant surgery is one of the initiatives of the last quarter century. If performed properly, its results would be very successful. Today, large and big grafts have been replaced by follicular unit (FU) grafts. New techniques have been developed for more natural appearance and better cosmetic results. The success of the hair transplant depends on the experience and expertise of the doctor performing the operation, the selection of the technical equipment to be used, and a well-organized extensive team work. We know that some new techniques and practices that have not passed a detailed scientific testing may have disadvantages. For this reason, we aim at offering our patients only the solutions whic have been tested, and can create optimal results with minimum risk.

It is a Legal Obligation to Have Hair Transplant Under a Psychian’s Control!

The artistic approach combined with technology has incredibly improved the results in recent years. Hair transplant is a combination of medical experience, education and artistic talent. Creating a natural-looking hairline is not an easy procedure. Because of that, it is very important to have this procedure performed in an experienced center having an institutional infrastructure. If the operation is badly performed, it can cause very bad and permanent results. In Turkey, the centers which have permission from the Ministry of Health, meet the necessary conditions and, recruit plastic surgeons can only and legally carry out these procedures. If hair transplant is not carried out in appropriate places, it is possible to encounter numerous health problems. Infection risk, even rare, can be seen, if the practice is not properly done. Prophylactic antibiotics are recommended in order to prevent such a risk. Hair transplant is a time-consuming and costly procedure. Considering that this operation is a long-term treatment, researchs should be carried out for the treatment to be performed under the most appropriate conditions.


Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant is applied today as a treatment for hair loss due to the stress experienced by people and as a result of genetic predispositions. This method, which is mostly carried out especially for men, has a variety of procedures. If you want to have hair transplant, you should prefer the most appropriate technique for the treatment with the guidance of your psychian.
Hair transplant is a problem that can be seen as a result of aging as well, and affects people negatively. As a consequence of the negative effect of social environment on you, you may decide to have hair transplant. With this decision, you become happy as you have your hair again immediately thanks to the techniques applied today, either would you have a natural appearance. Almost all the techniques are applied by planting the hair follicles taken from the appropriate areas of your body to the target point. Compared to those at past, these methods are now both more painless and safer. Hair transplant allows you to have natural hair with a method from which we abstain but get positive results, if applied, and you can have healthy hair under the control of psychians during the treatment procedure. Renew your hair by trying hair transplant techniques.

Local Anesthesia

Before hair transplant was done, local anesthesia is applied to the scalp that will be transplanted, and the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia.
  • Since local anesthesia is applied, the patient would be conscious. As the transplanted area is anesthetized, no pain would be felt.  During the procedure, the patient can watch television, read book, magazine and newspaper, eat and talk.
  • Since hair transplant can be performed with local anesthesia, it is understood that it is not a very difficult operation.
  • According to the amount of graft, the hair transplant will be performed, and the operation can be started by talking to the patient.
  • Abiding by the psychian’s recommendations, it is important to protect the transplanted area.


Hair Plant Process

    1. After hair transplant was completed, the hair started to nourish by absorbing blood and serum from the environment, which we call diffusion, within 2 days. Veining will also start after 2 days when hair transplant was completed, and that will end after 5 days. Shortly, it can be said that the procudere became successful.
    2. There are hairs transplanted on the grafts, that we name hairs or feathers. These hairs started to fall after the 15th day. During this period, the patient may think his hair sheds again and may panic. Such a suspicion is inopportunate.
    3. After the transplant, the hairs on the skin start to fall between 15 days and 3 months. After this shedding process, the hair will start to grow. Due to this reason, positive result appears after 3 months of hair transplant. After the transplant, the hair will have completely grown by 6-8 months. If the patient would like to have the second session after hair transplant, he should wait at least 8 months.

Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair transplant allows the patient to feel better and regain his hair he admires. There are two famous and most successful methods in practice for hair transplant. As hair transplant techniques, customized hair transplants are performed thanks to FUT and FUE, which are successfully applied in our country as well.
Considering the shape of the person's existing hair during hair transplant, a design is also made at the same time with the operation according to the existing hair. The design is vital so that the transplanted hair does not look different from the rest. Healthy hair follicles taken from a determined area are transplanted to the hairless area in the operation.
In hair transplant, prices may increase or decrease depending on the number of hair follicles to be transferred. For this reason, hair transplant prices vary according to the hair condition of the person and the size of the hairless area. The success of the procedure depends on whether the transplanted hair follicles are healthy during the hair transplant. If hair transplant is to be successful, the most important factor is whether the selected follicles are healthy. The other factors are the career of the psychian who will perform the transplant and, the treatment method to be applied.

Is There a Remedy for Baldness?

Those looking for a solution to baldness should know that they have no choice rather than having a hair transplant for now. The most effective and successful solution for baldness is hair transplant that has been developed until now. Different techniques have been also developed in hair transplant, and the operation is performed with the technique most suitable for you.
Seeking for a solution to baldness has ended with hair transplant techniques for now, and the baldness that occurs on the scalp due to the aging and heredity has been eliminated. Anyone knows how much important hair is for men. Not having hair to comb and shape makes people psychologically disturbed. Thus, hair transplant centers try to eliminate hair problems of people. Hair transplant centers, which we have frequently come across particularly in big cities, have competed among themselves and paved the way for the prices of hair transplant procedures to fall to affordable levels. Thanks to the new hair transplant techniques that have ended hairless, and the reduction in prices, baldness is no longer a problem. As the most effective solution to baldness in practice for now, hair transplant is performed by removing hair follicles from scalp and transferring to hairless skin.

What is Hair Transplant Operation?

Thanks to the FUE technique, which is the most used method in hair transplant, long incision marks do not exist on the scalp, long healing processes are not needed, and no stitch is required. Hair follicles extracted from the scalp or other parts of the body (shoulder, back, chest) are placed into small incisions made in the bald area as grafts. The grafts are placed into the incisions made with some special equipment on the hairless skin. The tools used are designed in accordance with the technology and in such a way as to cause minimal damage. The channels opened are so small. Thus, while the possibility of scar on the skin is eliminated, the healing process is shortened. One of the features of the equipment used in hair transplant is also that this equipment increase hair density by making incisions in an area as much as it is capable of doing. Thus, the patient has a denser hair look.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is the procedure of taking the hair from the nape with its follicle, which is healthy and resistant to shedding, and placing it into the hairless area. If the person does not have enough healthy hair in his nape, the transfer can also be carried out from the feet, chest and genital area.
Hair follicles that are removed for hair transplant are kept under protection in special compartments until the operation. As hair follicles are kept for a long time and the compartments are not quality enough, some defects may occur in hair follicles. Even if these follicles are transplanted, shedding may occur again. It is vital to keep the hair follicles healthy between removing from their places and placing into hairless area. During the operation, the transplant should be done in much sterilized environment in order to protect the area from infections, from where the hair follicles will be taken. For this reason, both hair follicle removal and placement procedures should be performed in a healthy manner during the hair transplant sessions. The local anesthesia applied to the patient during hair transplant must be able to maintain its effect until the process was completed. Expectedly, the price of hair transplant performed by expert psychian will be higher than others.

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