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Everything at Turkey Hairbank was designed for your hair and health!

Turkey Hairbank took the road to provide health services at international quality standards and to offer you, our valued guests, high-level health services. In order to provide professional diagnosis and treatment services at high level, we have combined modern technology with our successful, experienced and reliable staff to achieve international standards by sparing no sacrifice, and offered you, our valued guests this technology.

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Hair Transplant Techniques

Hair transplant techniques are divided into two sections as FUE technique and FUT techniqe.

Hair transplant is the process of transferring hair follicles taken from the shedding-resistant area to the place of the lost hair on the top of the head. Hair transplant techniques vary according to the shape of the head, the condition of the scalp and the width of the hairless area.
FUE technique is the most suitable technique for those who have their hair cut short, had a traditional strip surgery, don’t want to experience strip surgery complications, want to have hair transplant for areas such as scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes and mustache, and whose skin is not elastic enough for strip excision. For the others, FUT technique is applied.


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WhatsApp Information

+90 538 442 75 73

Turkey Hairbank

Our Team

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Turkey Hairbank

Hair Transplant Specialist: Dr. Gokmen Gocer

I have done thousands of hair transplant procedures with different hair transplant methods since 2007. Since 2010, I have been doing hair transplantation at my own clinic, Turkey Hairbank. In my 15 years of expertise, I have been awarded many awards. As Turkey Hairbank, we welcome you with our nurses who are experts in their fields, and we start the hair transplantation procedures after the compliance and examination. The result is guaranteed, I am with you in all processes after hair transplantation and transplantation. You can reach our nurses at our number for examination and compliance test.

Turkey Hairbank

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Team: First of all, this is teamwork. Because of that, it is very vital to have an experienced team. The psychians who perform hair transplant should be experts in this field and have been doing this job for long years. As there is no standard for hair transplant in our country and the world, techniques of each team may be different. The experience of the team appears here.
  • Planning: Proper planning is one of the most important factors for hair transplant. Even if the transplanted hair grows after an unplanned operation, the result will not be satisfactory enough. Hence, proper planning should be accordingly done by considering the condition of the donor area, in other words, the area from where the follicles will be taken, and the baldness of hairless area together.
  • Front Hairline: At first view, it is understood from the front hairline whether a hair transplant is natural or not. For this reason, the front hairline, which is determined according to the structures of the person’s face and head by taking the age into consideration, will extremely affect the naturality of the hair transplant. Because of that, the front hairline should never be ignored in hair transplant.
  • Homogeneous Uptake: It ensures effective use of the donor (donor) area, homogeneous (homogonized) uptake, utilization of the right punch and removal of sufficient number of follicles. Additionally, it prevents undesired sparse views in the donor area after hair transplant, and ensures that sufficient donor area is left in case of need for 2nd or even 3rd session of hair transplant, that may emerge in the future.
  • Channel Angle and Direction: Transplanting the grafts at right angles is one of the factors that will mostly affect the naturality of the result of the hair transplant. For this reason, the channel angles should be opened in the appropriate inclination and direction in accordance with the natural hair structure of the person. Otherwise, an unnatural hair transplant look that is also called "Grass Man" is experienced due to the fact that the bottom of hair attracts a lot of attention at first view.
  • Washing and Aftercare Process: You have also some duties to experience a good hair transplant. In this context, please abide by the washing instructions and the aftercare process definetly, which were explained to you and given in written form as well.
  • This operation is run completely under local anesthesia, and an utterly riskless procedure. It has no any side effects that may affect health during the post-procedure period as well.
  • How much hair transplant you need depends totally on how much hair loss you have had and how a hair appearance you desire. Hair transplant may be done between 1-3 sessions.
  • The patient returns to the normal appearance before the transplant within 15-30 days. After 3 months, no change takes place in the appearance. New hair starts to grow after 3 months. It is seen that the hair transplanted emerges most after 5-6 months passed. In each month thereafter, the amount of hair increases 10 percent, and 90 percent of the transplanted hair emerges in the 9th month of the operation. The remaining 10 percent continues to grow up to one year, and the growing hair gradually becomes thicker.
  • 2 thousand grafts can be transplanted with FUE technique approximately in 6 hours.
  • It would be enough to be over 18 years old. How the hair loss occurred is decisive more than age for procedure. If the skin becomes visible when looked at with the naked eye, it means that hair density in that area has fallen below 50 percent of the normal density.
  • The amount of hair you need is determined by making calculations in the area to which transplant will be applied. After your hair loss type was determined, compaction procedure might be applied also in the areas where the hair loss can occur. The best results are generally achieved after the second session for the patients for whom only one session is not satisfactory.
  • The men showing the characteristics of their ages, hormones and heredities who experience androgenetic, in other words, male-pattern hair loss is the first patient group for which hair transplant is most commonly applied. In addition to this, those who have bald spots in their heads or eyebrows after a trauma or a burn, had transplant procedure before but could not get positive results, and have female pattern hair loss constitute other groups which are subject to hair transplant.
  • WhatsApp Information

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    Hair Transplant

    What is Hair Transplant?

    Today, it is one of the biggest problems that especially affect men. Hair shedding that plays an important role in appearance causes serious issues such as loss of self-confidence. Hair transplant is a transferring procedure for the people who have hair loss due to some reasons such as genetics, aging and disease. When the hair transplant is performed with an expert and experienced team, the patient will have a healthy hair appearance. Compared to other aesthetic operations, the healing period of hair transplantation is more comfortable.

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